Stonemarket Truestone Linear paving

Stonemarket Truestone Linear paving

Wardens were instructed for this job, to extend and lay a new patio around the rear of the property. We then had to continue the paving as a path to the top of the garden. All the paving was laid on a full bed of sand and cement wet mix, and the pavers used were Stonemarket Truestone linear.

The garden was suffering with holding water so a new level throughout had to be brought in, this was done by using topsoil to the lawn areas and once the new level was achieved we were able to lay a new lawn.

Sleepers were installed either end of the lawn to act as dividers between lawn, paving and new gravel areas. The gravel used was a Stonemarket polished black stone.

Finally all the paving was pointed in using a Geofix jointing compound.

In our opinion we think the final look brought a modern and stylish finish to the garden.

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