Featheredge Post & Rail Fencing

Featheredge Post & Rail Fencing

Wardens were instructed to install a new 6ft high fence between two gardens, The fence of choice on this occasion was a featheredge post and rail system.

This system consists of timber posts being concreted in to the ground using a fast set concrete mix (Postmix) at 8ft intervals. Between the timber posts three rails are attached post to post, one top, one middle and one bottom. Then a 6″ timber gravel board is attached at the base between the timber posts and the featheredge slats are then nailed in one continuous run.

The overall length of this run is approximately 70ft and as you can see from the photos one side has the posts and rail showing and the other has the continuous run of featheredge.

We came across some stumps from a conifer hedge and had to use Ben from Wardens Tree Care to help grind them out to allow us to get the posts in.

Overall we think it looks a great job and adds a lovely finish both sides of the fencing.