Artificial lawn front garden

Artificial lawn front garden

For this job the customer was looking for a low maintenance front to the property. We first had to clear and level the front garden, as the customer no longer wanted any steps to the front door, and the garden levels had a slope to the front..

The lawn a path areas were then marked out using sleepers and a front border was made.

The pathway was laid using a natural sandstone paver, and was laid on a full bed of sand and cement wet mix. The paving was then pointed in using a Geofix jointing compound.

The artificial lawn area was prepared using a layer of compounded hardcore stone, then a sharp sand layer on to which the artificial lawn was cut and secured.

At Wardens we are able to obtain samples of various artificial lawn, and this is how the customer was able to choose the finish lawn.

Finally a decorative stone was placed to one side of the pathway, and to the new front border area.

In our opinion we think that the finish result gave the customer the low maintenance frontage required and also complemented the house style.

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